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I offer individual therapy both in person and online. Sessions often occur on a weekly basis, especially in the beginning stages of therapy. At times, appointments multiple times a week may be encouraged, depending on the amount of support needed. Generally, the frequency of therapy will always be decided upon collaboratively. As the therapy process progresses, the frequency of therapy often becomes more intermittent over time until the conclusion of therapy, in which a formal conclusion to therapy is always strongly recommended.

With respect to my approach to therapy, I strongly believe that we are individuals that are relational beings in the world. We each are individualized in personal needs and ways of coping. Empowerment, validation, emotional attunement and support are the foundation of what I believe to be important for individuals I work with. I am well-versed in a variety of evidenced based-theories that I incorporate in my individual work with clients to include dialectical behavior therapy, skills for affective and interpersonal regulation for complex trauma, cognitive processing therapy for single incident trauma, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, relational constructivism for grief and cognitive behavioral therapy for depressive and anxiety related disorders. 

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