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Our Mission

Solstice Willow Counseling, LLC uses a compassionate, trauma-focused and relational approach, supporting individuals where they are while also understanding that we use the best way we know to manage difficulties we are experiencing. Ultimately, I believe that clients are the experts in their life and that when individuals come to therapy, it is often because something is not working or making sense of a situation or circumstances is too much to bear. At times, events happen in our life that do not follow a predictable, linear path (abuse/trauma, loss of relationships/divorce, grief, changes due to considerable sadness or worry etc.). Every difficult life circumstance changes the very essence of who we are in SOME capacity. When we do not have a way of making sense of our current experiences, we may try to exert control over our situation, grasping for understanding or resolution. At the same time we may not know where to begin the sense-making. Sometimes we need someone to hold on to the hope and cultivate a calm space for us to explore ourselves and express our story.

 Integrating and making meaning of the tough, life-shattering situations we endure and survive can be difficult and all the while necessary. For we are more than the difficult experiences, with many beautiful parts that make up each of us. Life can take us on detours that also become part of our story- those detours can rattle us until we find that space to put it into our narrative where it no longer has such monumental power. I would be more than happy to talk to you and discuss what brings you to therapy to determine if we would be a good fit.

The Guardian, 2019
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